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Alia obtained her Juris Doctorate from the University of Toronto. As a teenager of divorced parents, she learned how to work hard for herself and her family. She studied at Canada's top law school and was trained at one of Toronto's preeminent litigation firms. Her personal history has given her a unique understanding of the complex issues at play in familial disputes. Her training and experience give her a legal edge. This wholehearted approach is the cornerstone of what she confidently and warmly offers her clients in both Family and Estate Disputes. Alia also has extensive experience working in insurance litigation involving personal injury, disability claims and property damage.

Alia wanted to be a lawyer since she was 4 and is happy she stuck with it because she also loves the law. She enjoys attending Court and fighting for her clients. Alia's passion to help those struggling has led her to extensive work in the community. She has been running a group for teens for over 10 years, and also regularly spends time volunteering on First Nation reserves. Alia also enjoys sharing her experience with others, mentoring several articling students and young lawyers.

Outside of her law career, Alia loves being a wife and mom, and taking her family on adventures.

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